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I'm an Integrative Counsellor seeing individual and couples in Tooting and online. From many years of working as a counsellor and mental health professional, I have gained an appreciation for the importance of people feeling listened to, seen, encouraged, and supported. Working Integratively means that I utilise a range of modalities to help you explore issues you might be facing in your life.​


Throughout our lives we encounter a range of challenges and experiences that can leave us feeling stuck, depressed, anxious, isolated, or without meaning. My aim is to build a space of trust where you can feel confident in bringing out the parts of yourself that you may have had difficulty sharing before. When starting on a therapeutic journey the process can feel daunting. You may come to therapy with a certain issue you want to explore, or you may feel your life will be richer with greater understanding. Whatever brings you to therapy, my aim will always be to help you bring about lasting change to your life.


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