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Starting therapy can be a daunting process. Therapy is a space where the blind spots we have about ourselves can be unearthed and explored. This can be a vulnerable but valuable experience as we can be unaware of the things in our lives which are holding us back. I see therapy like a jigsaw puzzle, that through the process of getting things out and making important links, we can start to see the bigger picture. This awareness doesn't always feel good straight away; but, in time this awareness grows into a stronger sense of self and confidence in moving forward. I offer the non-judgemental, empathetic, and challenging space to be able to start that exploration


Relationships can bring great joy and growth to our lives, but there are times when relationships can become a source of pain and frustration. By taking time to listen to our partners and to feel listened to, we can start the process of unpicking the unhelpful patterns we can find ourselves in. People do not enter relationships in isolation from past experiences, so being able to explore each person’s relational template can give the understanding and insight needed to heal and move forward. 

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Tooting- £70 per 50 minute session 

Percy St- £80 per 50 minute session

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Tooting- £80 per 50 minute session following 90 min assessment at £120

Percy St- £90 per 50 minute session following 90 min assessment at £135

Tooting High Street



SW17 7SD

Percy Street




Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have or to book a free 30 minute initial session

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